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Pre Purchase Inspection

All our Pre Purchase inspections include a fully comprehensive inspection list that includes;

Full body check:  for panel alignment, Paint depth measurement to help determine any previous paint repairs, and any dents or scratches recorded. Under body/behind bumpers to check for any damage or excessive corrosion.  

Diagnostic Scan on all vehicles with an OBDII plug (usually 2001 to present day) to check the vehicles electronic systems for any fault codes that are stored in the system.

Full Mechanical Check of all steering, braking, suspension system for excessive wear, damage or fluid leaks. Visual check of the engine and ancillary components for excessive wear, damage or fluid leaks and also carry out a coolant pressure test.

A battery and alternator test will also be carried out.

If a timing belt is fitted, we can not check condition of the belt itself but we will check for evidence of any replacement history.

Wheels, tyres, brake pads and discs will be checked for any damage or abnormal wear plus % remaining to the brake pads will be recorded.

Road Test All vehicles will be road tested if they are in a roadworthy condition and registered in WA. We will check for any abnormal noises or vibrations and the operation of cruise control if fitted.

Interior Check A check of all-electric windows, mirrors door locking/unlocking functions carried out. The heating and air conditioning function will be tested and evaluated. Condition of seats, carpet headlining, and dashboard will be inspected for any excessive wear other than normal wear for the age and kilometers of the vehicle.

PPSR formally REVS Check to make sure there is no finance still owing on the vehicle, no history of written off status or history of the vehicle being stolen.   

Photos Taken of under body and under the engine, tyre tread, diagnostic fault check results and any extra that you would require.

Phone call to the supplied phone number to speak about the vehicle findings after the inspection is finished 

Electronic Inspection report with photos will be sent to your email address.

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